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 TeamClubDivisionFair Play MarkGround
 Kibworth 4KibworthDivision 6 East8.92Kibworth 2
 Grace Dieu Park 2Grace Dieu ParkDivision 6 West8.90Grace Dieu Park
 Uppingham Town 3Uppingham TownDivision 9 East8.84Uppingham Town
 Market Overton 2Market OvertonDivision 9 West8.76Market Overton
 Loughborough Outwoods 2Loughborough OutwoodsDivision 8 West8.67Loughborough Outwoods
 Appleby Magna 2Appleby MagnaDivision 8 West8.61Appleby Magna
 Ashby CaringtonAshby CaringtonDivision 9 East8.59Ashby Carington
 Dunton BassettDunton BassettDivision 6 East8.57Dunton Bassett
 Houghton & Thurnby 3Houghton & ThurnbyDivision 9 East8.55Houghton & Thurnby 2
 Earl Shilton 2Earl ShiltonDivision 6 West8.51Earl Shilton
 Quorn 2QuornDivision 6 West8.50Quorn
 Market HarboroughMarket HarboroughDivision 18.45Market Harborough
 Loughborough Greenfields 2Loughborough GreenfieldsDivision 7 West8.43Loughborough Greenfields
 Walton le Wolds 2Walton le WoldsDivision 8 West8.43Walton le Wolds
 AryansAryansDivision 7 West8.41Aryans
 Birstall Village 2Birstall VillageDivision 7 East8.41Birstall Village
 Fleckney Village 2Fleckney VillageDivision 9 Central8.38Fleckney Village
 Newbold Verdon 2Newbold VerdonDivision 4 West8.38Newbold Verdon
 OakhamOakhamDivision 18.33Oakham
 Asian SportsAsian SportsDivision 4 Central8.27Asian Sports 1st XI and 2nd XI
 CountesthorpeCountesthorpeDivision 28.25Countesthorpe
 Loughborough Carillon 2Loughborough CarillonDivision 6 West8.25Loughborough Carillon
 Oakham 2OakhamDivision 5 East8.25Oakham
 Kegworth Town 3Kegworth TownDivision 9 Central8.22Kegworth Town 3
 Egerton Park 2Egerton ParkDivision 7 East8.21Egerton Park
 Dunton Bassett 2Dunton BassettDivision 8 East8.20Dunton Bassett
 Houghton & Thurnby 2Houghton & ThurnbyDivision 6 East8.19Houghton & Thurnby
 Loughborough Town 3Loughborough TownDivision 5 West8.19Loughborough Town 2
 Loughborough GreenfieldsLoughborough GreenfieldsDivision 38.17Loughborough Greenfields
 Barkby United 3Barkby UnitedDivision 8 East8.16Barkby United 3
 Sileby TownSileby TownPremier Division8.14Sileby Town - Pitch 1
 Hathern OldHathern OldDivision 5 West8.12Hathern Old
 Kibworth 3KibworthDivision 4 East8.12Kibworth 2
 Sapcote 2SapcoteDivision 9 West8.10Sapcote
 Newbold VerdonNewbold VerdonDivision 38.09Newbold Verdon
 Birstall VillageBirstall VillageDivision 4 Central8.09Birstall Village
 Hathern Old 2Hathern OldDivision 8 West8.09Hathern Old
 Hinckley Amateur 3Hinckley AmateurDivision 8 West8.08Hinckley Amateur 3
 Newtown Linford 2Newtown LinfordDivision 4 West8.08Newtown Linford
 Houghton & ThurnbyHoughton & ThurnbyDivision 28.06Houghton & Thurnby
 QueniboroughQueniboroughDivision 4 East8.05Queniborough
 Sileby Town 4Sileby TownDivision 8 East8.04Sileby Town - Pitch 2
 Charnwood Old Boys 2Charnwood Old BoysDivision 9 West8.03Charnwood Old Boys
 MedbourneMedbourneDivision 4 East8.03Medbourne
 Narborough & LittlethorpeNarborough & LittlethorpeDivision 38.00Narborough & Littlethorpe
 Electricity Sports 4Electricity SportsDivision 8 East8.00Electricity Sports 3 and 4
 Shree SanatanShree SanatanDivision 37.99Shree Sanatan
 BillesdonBillesdonDivision 27.97Billesdon
 Market OvertonMarket OvertonDivision 5 East7.95Market Overton
 Ibstock Town 2Ibstock TownDivision 6 West7.95Ibstock Town
 Rothley Park 2Rothley ParkDivision 5 West7.94Rothley Park
 HuncoteHuncoteDivision 4 West7.93Huncote
 Maher StarsMaher StarsDivision 37.93Maher Stars
 Langtons 3LangtonsDivision 9 East7.92East Langton
 Loughborough OutwoodsLoughborough OutwoodsDivision 5 West7.92Loughborough Outwoods
 Kegworth Town 2Kegworth TownDivision 4 West7.92Kegworth Town 1 & 2
 Countesthorpe 3CountesthorpeDivision 6 East7.91Countesthorpe 2
 Newbold Verdon 3Newbold VerdonDivision 9 West7.91Newbold Verdon 2
 Market Harborough 2Market HarboroughDivision 5 East7.89Market Harborough
 StapletonStapletonDivision 9 West7.89Stapleton
 Egerton ParkEgerton ParkDivision 27.89Egerton Park
 Leicester Ivanhoe 2Leicester IvanhoeDivision 17.88Leicester Ivanhoe
 Bardon Hill 2Bardon HillDivision 7 West7.87Bardon Hill
 Kegworth TownKegworth TownPremier Division7.87Kegworth Town 1 & 2
 SPASPADivision 7 East7.86SPA
 Billesdon 2BillesdonDivision 7 East7.85Billesdon
 University of Leicester Staff 2University of Leicester StaffDivision 7 East7.84University of Leicester Staff
 Long Whatton 2Long WhattonDivision 7 West7.84Long Whatton
 Enderby 2EnderbyDivision 4 Central7.84Enderby
 Leicester Ivanhoe 3Leicester IvanhoeDivision 4 Central7.83Leicester Ivanhoe 2
 LutterworthLutterworthPremier Division7.83Lutterworth
 Leuva PatidarLeuva PatidarDivision 8 East7.83Frisby Hoby Rotherby CC
 Leicester Teachers & MossdaleLeicester Teachers & MossdaleDivision 4 Central7.83Leicester Teachers & Mossdale
 Barwell 2BarwellDivision 7 West7.82Barwell
 Fleckney VillageFleckney VillageDivision 7 East7.78Fleckney Village
 Kirby Muxloe 2Kirby MuxloeDivision 4 Central7.77Kirby Muxloe
 Barrow Town 2Barrow TownDivision 4 Central7.77Barrow Town
 Broomleys 2BroomleysDivision 7 West7.76Broomleys
 Bharat SportsBharat SportsDivision 4 East7.75Bharat Sports
 Leicester Teachers & Mossdale 2Leicester Teachers & MossdaleDivision 9 Central7.75Leicester Teachers & Mossdale
 TwycrossTwycrossDivision 4 West7.74Twycross
 ShepshedShepshedDivision 27.74Shepshed
 Cropston 2CropstonDivision 5 West7.72Cropston
 EnderbyEnderbyDivision 17.72Enderby
 Bharat Sports 3Bharat SportsDivision 9 Central7.72Bharat Sports 2
 Uppingham TownUppingham TownDivision 17.72Uppingham Town
 Lutterworth 3LutterworthDivision 7 East7.71Lutterworth 2
 Rothley ParkRothley ParkPremier Division7.71Rothley Park
 CosbyCosbyDivision 5 East7.71Cosby
 Stoke GoldingStoke GoldingDivision 5 West7.70Stoke Golding
 Barrow TownBarrow TownPremier Division7.70Barrow Town
 BurbageBurbageDivision 4 West7.70Burbage
 Barrow Town 3Barrow TownDivision 7 West7.68Barrow Town 3
 Lutterworth 2LutterworthDivision 4 East7.68Lutterworth
 University of Leicester StaffUniversity of Leicester StaffDivision 4 East7.68University of Leicester Staff
 Leicester IvanhoeLeicester IvanhoePremier Division7.68Leicester Ivanhoe
 Loughborough Town 2Loughborough TownDivision 27.67Loughborough Town
 Newtown Linford 3Newtown LinfordDivision 7 West7.67Newtown Linford
 Hinckley AmateurHinckley AmateurDivision 17.66Hinckley Amateur
 Electricity Sports 2Electricity SportsDivision 5 West7.65Electricity Sports 1 and 2
 Grace Dieu ParkGrace Dieu ParkDivision 4 West7.64Grace Dieu Park
 Blaby VillageBlaby VillageDivision 6 East7.64Blaby Village
 Lutterworth 4LutterworthDivision 9 Central7.64Lutterworth 2
 Queniborough 3QueniboroughDivision 8 East7.64Queniborough 2
 Wigston TownWigston TownDivision 5 East7.64Wigston Town
 WhetstoneWhetstoneDivision 6 East7.64Whetstone
 Countesthorpe 4CountesthorpeDivision 9 East7.62Countesthorpe 2
 Bharat Sports 2Bharat SportsDivision 5 East7.62Bharat Sports
 Countesthorpe 2CountesthorpeDivision 5 East7.61Countesthorpe
 Braunstone CricketersBraunstone CricketersDivision 7 West7.61Braunstone Cricketers
 Kirby MuxloeKirby MuxloeDivision 27.61Kirby Muxloe
 QuornQuornDivision 4 Central7.61Quorn
 Anstey & GlenfieldAnstey & GlenfieldDivision 4 Central7.61Anstey & Glenfield
 Leicester Caribbean 2Leicester CaribbeanDivision 5 East7.60Leicester Caribbean
 Syston Town 2Syston TownDivision 37.58Syston Town
 KibworthKibworthPremier Division7.55Kibworth
 Broughton AstleyBroughton AstleyDivision 4 East7.55Broughton Astley
 Kibworth 2KibworthDivision 17.54Kibworth
 Fatana 2FatanaDivision 9 West7.54Fatana 2
 Earl ShiltonEarl ShiltonDivision 17.53Earl Shilton
 Higham VillageHigham VillageDivision 8 West7.51Higham Village
 Ketton SportsKetton SportsDivision 37.51Ketton Sports CC
 Loughborough CarillonLoughborough CarillonDivision 17.51Loughborough Carillon
 Hinckley Amateur 2Hinckley AmateurDivision 5 West7.51Hinckley Amateur
 Syston TownSyston TownPremier Division7.49Syston Town
 Leicester BanksLeicester BanksDivision 37.49Leicester Banks
 Newtown LinfordNewtown LinfordDivision 17.48Newtown Linford
 FatanaFatanaDivision 5 West7.47Fatana CC
 Ashby HastingsAshby HastingsDivision 27.46Ashby Hastings
 CropstonCropstonPremier Division7.45Cropston
 Uppingham Town 2Uppingham TownDivision 7 East7.45Uppingham Town
 Shree Sanatan 2Shree SanatanDivision 6 East7.45Shree Sanatan
 Leicester CaribbeanLeicester CaribbeanDivision 4 East7.44Leicester Caribbean
 Loughborough TownLoughborough TownPremier Division7.44Loughborough Town
 Walton le WoldsWalton le WoldsDivision 5 East7.43Walton le Wolds
 Asian Sports 2Asian SportsDivision 5 East7.41Asian Sports 1st XI and 2nd XI
 Shepshed 3ShepshedDivision 6 West7.40Pudding Bag Lane Shepshed
 Barkby United 2Barkby UnitedDivision 37.39Barkby United
 Mountsorrel CastleMountsorrel CastleDivision 4 Central7.39Mountsorrel Castle
 Cosby 2CosbyDivision 7 East7.38Cosby
 Shepshed 2ShepshedDivision 4 West7.38Shepshed
 Anstey & Glenfield 2Anstey & GlenfieldDivision 7 West7.38Anstey & Glenfield
 Langtons 2LangtonsDivision 4 East7.37East Langton
 Great GlenGreat GlenDivision 4 East7.37Great Glen
 Leicester StarsLeicester StarsDivision 9 East7.34Leiceser Stars
 Barkby UnitedBarkby UnitedPremier Division7.33Barkby United
 Appleby MagnaAppleby MagnaDivision 4 West7.33Appleby Magna
 Bardon HillBardon HillDivision 4 West7.31Bardon Hill
 Hinckley Town 2Hinckley TownDivision 37.30Hinckley Town
 BroomleysBroomleysDivision 27.27Broomleys
 Whetstone 2WhetstoneDivision 8 East7.26Whetstone
 GumleyGumleyDivision 8 East7.26Gumley
 Leicester CricketersLeicester CricketersDivision 6 East7.25Leicester Cricketers
 Sileby Town 2Sileby TownDivision 27.23Sileby Town - Pitch 1
 Huncote 2HuncoteDivision 9 Central7.23Huncote
 Thorpe ArnoldThorpe ArnoldDivision 27.23Thorpe Arnold
 Sileby Town 3Sileby TownDivision 5 West7.23Sileby Town - Pitch 2
 Ashby Hastings 2Ashby HastingsDivision 6 West7.21Ashby Hastings
 SapcoteSapcoteDivision 6 West7.21Sapcote
 Queniborough 2QueniboroughDivision 7 East7.18Queniborough
 Broughton Astley 2Broughton AstleyDivision 9 Central7.18Broughton Astley
 MahersMahersDivision 6 West7.17Mahers
 Melton Mowbray 2Melton MowbrayDivision 9 East7.17Melton Mowbray
 LangtonsLangtonsPremier Division7.16East Langton
 BitteswellBitteswellDivision 4 East7.16Bitteswell
 Market BosworthMarket BosworthDivision 5 West7.15Market Bosworth
 Narborough & Littlethorpe 2Narborough & LittlethorpeDivision 6 East7.15Narborough & Littlethorpe
 Ratby TownRatby TownDivision 4 West7.10Ratby Town
 Great Glen 2Great GlenDivision 8 East7.09Great Glen
 Leicester Ivanhoe 4Leicester IvanhoeDivision 8 West7.09Leicester Ivanhoe 2
 County OfficersCounty OfficersDivision 7 West7.06County Officers
 BombayBombayDivision 6 West7.06Bombay
 Illston AbeyIllston AbeyDivision 4 East7.06Illston Abey
 Melton MowbrayMelton MowbrayDivision 37.04Melton Mowbray
 Thorpe Arnold 2Thorpe ArnoldDivision 5 East7.02Thorpe Arnold
 Wakerley & BarrowdenWakerley & BarrowdenDivision 9 East7.00Wakerley & Barrowden
 Illston Abey 2Illston AbeyDivision 7 East7.00Illston Abey
 Leicester Banks 2Leicester BanksDivision 5 East6.98Leicester Banks
 Ketton Sports 2Ketton SportsDivision 9 East6.97Ketton Sports CC
 Highfield RangersHighfield RangersDivision 4 Central6.93Highfield Rangers
 Asian Sports 4Asian SportsDivision 8 West6.93Asian Sports 1st XI and 2nd XI
 Long WhattonLong WhattonDivision 4 West6.91Long Whatton
 Asian Sports 3Asian SportsDivision 6 East6.88Asian Sports 1st XI and 2nd XI
 Electricity SportsElectricity SportsDivision 16.87Electricity Sports 1 and 2
 Shepshed 4ShepshedDivision 9 West6.85Pudding Bag Lane Shepshed
 YMA 2YMADivision 8 West6.85YMA 2
 Electricity Sports 3Electricity SportsDivision 6 East6.85Electricity Sports 3 and 4
 Mountsorrel Castle 2Mountsorrel CastleDivision 6 East6.84Mountsorrel Castle
 Ibstock TownIbstock TownDivision 26.84Ibstock Town
 BarwellBarwellDivision 36.83Barwell
 Leicester LionsLeicester LionsDivision 9 Central6.82Leicester Lions
 Twycross 2TwycrossDivision 9 West6.77Twycross
 Ratby Town 2Ratby TownDivision 6 West6.77Ratby Town
 Hinckley TownHinckley TownDivision 16.76Hinckley Town
 Wigston Town 2Wigston TownDivision 8 East6.73Wigston Town
 Bitteswell 2BitteswellDivision 9 East6.68Bitteswell
 GNGGNGDivision 8 West6.63GNG
 Burbage 2BurbageDivision 9 West6.58Burbage
 Charnwood Old BoysCharnwood Old BoysDivision 6 West6.53Charnwood Old Boys
 Shree Sanatan 3Shree SanatanDivision 7 East6.53Shree Sanatan 2
 City CricketersCity CricketersDivision 5 West6.48City Cricketers
 YMAYMADivision 4 Central6.38Young Muslims Association
 Mahers 2MahersDivision 7 West6.00Mahers