Team Results for University of Leicester Staff in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

  DateHomeh Scoreh PtsHome Inns HighlightsAwaya Scorea PtsAway Inns HighlightsPC
Div: Division 4 East
  20/04/2019Illston Abey88-105 University of Leicester Staff90-525 3893039
  27/04/2019University of Leicester Staff120-225Imran Patel 77*Great Glen119-103Yunus Ughratdar 5-313893156
  04/05/2019Langtons 2138-1025 University of Leicester Staff55-106 3893050
  11/05/2019University of Leicester Staff0-05Match Abandoned Bharat Sports0-05Match Abandoned 3893157
  18/05/2019Kibworth 341-103 University of Leicester Staff327-725 3893061
  25/05/2019University of Leicester Staff245-814 Lutterworth 2247-925 3893158
  01/06/2019Bitteswell183-613N. Bone 43 J. Dexter 12-47-4 I. Bateman 12-41-3University of Leicester Staff184-925K. Patel 60* I. Patel 463893072
  08/06/2019University of Leicester Staff0-05Match Abandoned Broughton Astley0-05Match Abandoned 3893159
  15/06/2019Medbourne0-05Match Abandoned University of Leicester Staff0-05Match Abandoned 3893083
  22/06/2019University of Leicester Staff94-104 Queniborough222-925 3893160
  29/06/2019Leicester Caribbean184-1010 University of Leicester Staff219-925 3893094
  06/07/2019University of Leicester Staff103-525 Langtons 2101-106 3893151
  13/07/2019Bharat Sports40-102 University of Leicester Staff41-225 3893116
  20/07/2019University of Leicester Staff254-1025S Boriyawala 95Kibworth 3139-105S Desai 5/383893152
  21/07/2019Lutterworth 2189-625 University of Leicester Staff143-108 3893127
  03/08/2019University of Leicester Staff311-325Imran Patel 178* S Boriyawala 52Bitteswell122-101H Shah 513893153
  10/08/2019Broughton Astley85-1011 University of Leicester Staff125-1025 3893138
  17/08/2019University of Leicester Staff21-325J De Beer 5/6 Y Ugratdhar 4/13Medbourne20-103 3893154
  24/08/2019Queniborough90-103 University of Leicester Staff353-625 3893149
  31/08/2019University of Leicester Staff150-225I Patel 95, S Boriyawala 44*, Y Ugrathdar 4/27, J Patel 3/28Leicester Caribbean147-104K Brown 85* 3893155
  07/09/2019Great Glen162-87A Samuels 40*University of Leicester Staff241-1025Sarfraz B 67, S Desai 45*, A Odedra 4-513893105
  14/09/2019University of Leicester Staff269-525 Illston Abey207-105 3893150
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