Team Results for Newtown Linford 2 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 4 West

  28/04/2018Huncote0-05Match Abandoned Match Abandoned Newtown Linford 20-05Match Abandoned Match Abandoned 3559305
  05/05/2018Newtown Linford 2139-78Steve Armson 47 and 2-23, Harry Bates 3-40Loughborough Greenfields206-1025Parkinson 75no3559260
  12/05/2018Stoke Golding253-725J Richings 98 Chris Ryder 55 G Rollins 5-53-12Newtown Linford 2189-96 3559331
  19/05/2018Newtown Linford 2293-525Darren Bulpitt 110no, Paddy Hopkins 58, Tim Moult 56Shepshed 2210-63Chris Gibson 73no Harry Bates 3-52 Marcus Hagger 2-463559252
  26/05/2018Burbage223-715O Williams 81Newtown Linford 2223-615Darren Bulpitt 79no3559280
  02/06/2018Newtown Linford 2229-725Church 52.hopkins 41Newbold Verdon 278-103Saxby 4-31.finney 3-113559258
  09/06/2018Newtown Linford 2203-611Moult 49.p bates 57.m Bennett 70Long Whatton204-625Leg 48 .james 553559257
  16/06/2018Appleby Magna182-725O Woodyatt 37, D Rodgers 32, R Harrison 3-44. Target was reduced to 182 in 40 overs due to rain.Newtown Linford 2197-611D Bulpitt 73no, P Hopkins 37, D Bowley 36no, D Mowbray 3-373559323
  23/06/2018Newtown Linford 2137-225Moult 57 not outTwycross136-64Beestone 55 not out3559254
  30/06/2018Loughborough Outwoods80-101 Newtown Linford 282-125Bates 4-183559242
  07/07/2018Loughborough Greenfields263-925Kahlon 90Newtown Linford 2143-104 3559237
  14/07/2018Newtown Linford 2213-825Bennett 54.p Hopkins 62Stoke Golding211-713Crawford 623559251
  21/07/2018Shepshed 2119-105C Gibson 35Newtown Linford 2190-625T Moult 67 T Rowe 4-213559346
  28/07/2018Newtown Linford 2231-810Match Abandoned Sam Hopkins 54 James Smallman 40noBurbage0-09Match Abandoned Game Abandoned after first innings3559256
  04/08/2018Newbold Verdon 2138-109R Whittle 68* D Bulpitt 43Newtown Linford 2178-625J Cartwright 65 R Wood 5-37 R Whittle 4-32 3559263
  11/08/2018Long Whatton256-625Henry Legg 56 Matt Willett 82Newtown Linford 2188-66S Bailey3559287
  18/08/2018Newtown Linford 2271-425D bulpitt 76 not out.whittall 64 not out.p Hopkins 52Appleby Magna201-75D Rogers 66.patrick573559253
  25/08/2018Twycross233-610Ant Ward 100 Tom Griffiths 41* Newtown Linford 2234-525Moult 99* Saxby 69 Patel 403559310
  01/09/2018Newtown Linford 2264-725M Bennett 111 not out. B Patel 5 for 44Loughborough Outwoods176-104 A sharma 353559261
  08/09/2018Newtown Linford 2162-425S Hopkins 52 p Hopkins 51* saxby 3 for 16Huncote158-107Hubbard 343559255
  15/09/2018Kegworth Town 2151-625Fletcher 3-20, Scottorn 3-44, Glover 74*, D Wall 40*Newtown Linford 2148-108P Hopkins 423559220
  22/09/2018Newtown Linford 2101-125 Kegworth Town 298-101 3559259