Team Results for Syston Town in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Premier Division

  28/04/2018Syston Town 0-05Match Abandoned Market Harborough0-05Match Abandoned 3557156
  05/05/2018Leicester Ivanhoe 168-106S. Evans 46 Syston Town170-425Ghuman 693557182
  12/05/2018Syston Town 89-106Asif Mai 5-7Langtons92-625Soyeb Salajee 41no, Vibhu Yadav 4-223557154
  19/05/2018Kibworth 203-67Craven 62Syston Town204-325Ghuman 65not our 3557136
  26/05/2018Syston Town217-425Patel 63 ghuman 56 not outLoughborough Town 216-88Lowen 87 not Pardesi 3-55 3557151
  02/06/2018Sileby Town92-425 Syston Town 91-104Dawson 5-83557070
  09/06/2018Uppingham Town 104-103 Syston Town108-325M. Pardesi 4-113557186
  16/06/2018Syston Town207-103Drake 84 Marshall 4-50Lutterworth 291-525Marshall 87 Alec Hill 70 Lewis Hill 533557159
  23/06/2018Barkby United166-1011S Flowers 57 Syston Town 205-1025A Mahmood 443557078
  30/06/2018Syston Town 231-525Ghuman 111. Wootton 54 dansuclal 4-35Barrow Town148-103Yadav 6-353557155
  07/07/2018Syston Town 237-1013Mahmood 45 corbett 41 Leicester Ivanhoe238-825Kendall 51 Carey 42 mo Pardesi 3-573557161
  14/07/2018Langtons146-105V Yadav 5-46Syston Town 233-925G Corbett 57, C Wooton 57. C Royale 543557121
  21/07/2018Syston Town 0-05Match Abandoned Abandoned due to cracks in Outfield,deemed unfit by umpires,2 tonnes of sand spread over 3 DAYS couldn't help (contrary to kibworth cc comments on elccl website) Kibworth0-05Match Abandoned 3557158
  28/07/2018Loughborough Town 235-925Syston need 131 of 20 overs due to weather. Managed 76-8 of 22. Syston Town76-87 3557093
  04/08/2018Syston Town 0-05Match Abandoned Cracks in outfield deemed unfitSileby Town0-05Match Abandoned 3557153
  11/08/2018Syston Town 222-625Ghuman 73 Wootton 49 Uppingham Town157-106Mo Pardesi 5-293557160
  18/08/2018Lutterworth 194-825C.Wilson 67 V.Yadav 4-41Syston Town134-108 3557143
  25/08/2018Syston Town 221-925Ghuman 53 waplington 4-43Barkby United208-1012S flowers 75 ghuman 4-103557152
  01/09/2018Barrow Town146-625 Syston Town 143-107R Ghuman 673557114
  08/09/2018Market Harborough 42-102 Syston Town43-225 3557099
  15/09/2018Syston Town 0-05Match Abandoned After assessment of outfieldKegworth Town0-05Match Abandoned 3557157
  22/09/2018Kegworth Town0-05 Syston Town 62-15 3557165