Team Results for Broughton Astley in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 6 West

  18/04/2015UT XI96-104Ut had a bad start by loosing both openers in first few overs. Then they never really Recovered from that, they kept loosing wickets and eventually all out for 96. Broughton Astley won the game. Broughton Astley180-930Dave holiday 84 Adam Handley 44 Leighton Murgatroyd 6-30 - 7 overs Jez Murgatroyd 2-29 - 9 overs2425111
  25/04/2015Broughton Astley194-720C.murgatroyd 6/23 Barrow Town 3125-96 2425199
  02/05/2015Sharnford130-2254 wickets each for Harry and Adam. Good knocks from Andy (47* and Joe 55*)Broughton Astley129-10355 from Holiday Some promising youngsters Yates and Blockley in th eranks2425178
  09/05/2015Broughton Astley78-105Alex Dann 5-28. Inc hat trick Hathern Old119-1030P.bewley 532425200
  16/05/2015Charnwood Old Boys 2137-105Brad Smith 54Broughton Astley233-730C. Rutter 52 C. Murgatroyd 592425134
  23/05/2015Broughton Astley63-100 Asian Sports65-025 2425194
  30/05/2015Barwell 2167-96Sam Taylor 61 not outBroughton Astley168-725 2425090
  06/06/2015Broughton Astley181-710 Walton le Wolds213-718 2425201
  13/06/2015Anstey & Glenfield0-05Match Abandoned Broughton Astley0-05Match Abandoned 2425180
  20/06/2015Broughton Astley124-325T.Dann 33n.oAppleby Magna123-92 2425195
  27/06/2015Grace Dieu Park 2212-99M. Bowley 60Broughton Astley216-825C. Yates
  04/07/2015Broughton Astley266-1018C.Murgatroyd 53Sharnford217-512Simons 5 for 61 S Jones 3 for 49 A Durose 58, R Jones 602425197
  11/07/2015Hathern Old303-530Chris Walker 58 Steven Wiggins 74 Tom Insley 57* Broughton Astley184-106Corey Murgatroyd 552425158
  18/07/2015Broughton Astley79-125Corey Murgatroyd 54 Aaron Dann masterful 12Charnwood Old Boys 275-100 2425196
  25/07/2015Asian Sports119-105 Broughton Astley120-825C.Murgatroyd 52 L.Murgatroyd 4-20, A.Dann 3-302425115
  01/08/2015Broughton Astley201-718C.Butler 107, E.Grunwald 5-30Barwell 2174-910 2425191
  08/08/2015Walton le Wolds83-325 Broughton Astley82-101 2425202
  15/08/2015Broughton Astley136-106 Anstey & Glenfield232-930Fantastic middle order batting sealed an away win2425198
  22/08/2015Appleby Magna203-610M Walster 71, J Powell 51, L Murgotroyd 3-44. 1 over lost due to rain.Broughton Astley20-18Match abandoned due to heavy rain causing waterlogged square.2425136
  29/08/2015Broughton Astley205-1030Dave holiday 58 Corey Murgatroyd 6-20Grace Dieu Park 2109-106P standard 402425192
  05/09/2015Barrow Town 3148-525Nightingale 69 n.oBroughton Astley147-104A Dann 402425157
  12/09/2015Broughton Astley75-101Jeremy murgatroyd 9 Tom Dann 22UT XI78-225 2425193