Team Results for Queniborough 3 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

  DateHomeh Scoreh PtsHome Inns HighlightsAwaya Scorea PtsAway Inns HighlightsPC
Div: Division 10 East
  5/3/2014Queniborough 358-425Bowling/Fielding: 2 good run outs and 3 wickets for our opener Batting: final ball 6 to get victoryMTCC57-82Bad start to the season. Bad perforamces with the bat all around. Not enough runs to defend.11881546
  5/10/2014Bharat Sports 30-100Conceded Queniborough 31-030Won by Default11881580
  5/17/2014Queniborough 30-05Won by DefaultSPA0-05Conceded 11881548
  5/24/2014Asian Sports 30-05Match Abandoned Queniborough 30-05Match Abandoned 11881516
  5/31/2014Queniborough 3101-104Strong fielding performance with 4 wickets for the captainMaher104-72556 not out for Pravin saving the innings for Mahers11881542
  6/7/2014Shree Sanatan 30-05Match Abandoned Queniborough 30-05Match Abandoned 11881534
  6/14/2014Queniborough 3154-9253 wicket spells for Callum Smith and Sam Payne, Sam Payne scoring 68 with the batLutterworth 4153-107Oliver Ansell 44 , John Hill 31  Christian Mutch 9-0-28-4 David Jackson 12-4-13-2 11881549
  6/21/2014Queniborough 3124-73 Leicester Forest126-525L Marvell 117 M Broadley 9.2-5-4-3 L Hollingshead 12-4-14-2 L Marvell 6-0-14-211881544
  6/28/2014Friar Lane Taverners45-104Brennan 13Queniborough 3135-930S Payne 11881562
  7/5/2014MTCC114-94Too many dropped catches in the field for MTCC, but they held on in the end with the bat to cause a draw.Queniborough 3261-421Good batting perforances from Queniborough from M Carmichael 166* and S Payne 52.11881571
  7/12/2014Queniborough 3172-1030H.Whitticker 52 no S Payne 4 for 24 off 12 oversBharat Sports 387-105 11881547
  7/19/2014SPA0-05Match Abandoned Queniborough 30-05Match Abandoned 11881589
  7/26/2014Queniborough 3127-105Good partnership of 70Asian Sports 3129-625Strong final partnership11881541
  8/2/2014Maher218-930Umesh 48, ram k 33Queniborough 3127-106 11881525
  8/9/2014Queniborough 3256-730Max 127 Connor 50 Hayden 45 Vipul 4 wicketsShree Sanatan 377-103Callum 4 wickets Jim 4 wickets11881543
  8/16/2014Lutterworth 4122-103Adam Osborne 46 not out Tim Ansell 43Queniborough 3357-430M Carmichael 236 32x4 12x6 C Smith 8.2 -6-6-7 11881598
  8/23/2014Leicester Forest115-825Game reduced to 43 overs per side due to rain break. M Broadley 12-2-5-43, G Walker 8-2-18-3 Queniborough 3112-105 11881553
  8/30/2014Queniborough 3128-62562 runs for Max CarmichaelFriar Lane Taverners127-7545 for C Ford11881545
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