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 Overseas Amatuer - Club Declaration14/04/2021LRCL-Amatuer-Overseas-Player-Club-Declaration.pdf
 AGM 202123/03/2021LRCL_ AGM_Minutes_210121.pdf
 ECM Feb 202123/03/2021LRCL_ Minutes_250221_GM_a.pdf
 ECM Jan 202123/03/2021LRCL_ Minutes_140121.pdf
 ECM Dec 202023/03/2021LRCL_ Minutes171220_GM.pdf
 ECM Nov 202023/03/2021LRCL_ Minutes 121120_GM.pdf
 ECM Sep 202023/03/2021LRCL_ Minutes9th July2020_GM.pdf
 ECM Aug 202023/03/2021LRCL_ Minutes_250820_gm.pdf
 ECM Jul 202023/03/2021LRCL_ Minutes9th July2020_GM.pdf
 ECM Jun 202023/03/2021LRCL_ Minutes_25thJune2020_GM.pdf
 ECM Apr 202023/03/2021LRCL_minutes 27th Feb 2020_GM030320.pdf
 ECM Feb 202023/03/2021LRCL_minutes 27th Feb 2020_GM030320.pdf
 League Application to Join23/03/2021LRCL_ Applicationtojoin_220321.doc
 League Update30/03/2020League_Update270320_amend2a.pdf
 Corona Virus Grounds Advice26/03/2020Coronavirus and Grounds Maintenance in The wider game 25th march.docx
 Grant Scheme Application Form (2020)22/01/2020Grant Scheme - application form.docx
 Loan Scheme Application Form (2020)22/01/2020Loan Scheme - application form.docx
 Grant Scheme Application Form (2020)22/01/2020Grant Scheme - details.docx
 AGM Jan 202018/01/2020agm minutes 15th Jan 2020.docx
 ECM Jan 202018/01/2020Minutes 15th Jan 2020.docx
 ECM Dec 201911/12/2019Minutes 5th December 2019.doc
 ECM Nov 201920/11/2019Minutes 6th Nov 2019.doc
 ECM Sept 201920/11/2019Minutes 19th Sept 2019.doc
 ECM August 201920/11/2019Minutes 15th August 2019 .doc
 ECM July 201914/08/2019Minutes11th July 2019.doc
 ECM May 201911/06/2019Minutes 9th May 2019.doc
 Ball Collection Presentation 201924/04/20192019 Rule Changes Ball Collection Night.pptx